Mike Hales

I'm from Venus, what is it you do round here? aka barefoot doc. Here's some current orientation, a little back catalogue. Evolving.

About us . . - In elder years, learning to live in relationship with people and stuff, and to speak (but striving less) with a voice from somewhere, in an empty cosmos. - Travelling under the worldly winds, on oceans, in wild landscapes, setting out each day, perhaps making landfall at some points. - Organic intellectual, libertarian socialist, concerned with legacy: making the Living Economy, in the commons (in emotional commons, cultural commons. material commons). - Theory-&-practice (theory in practice, theory of practice, practice-of-theory) methodology nerd, hoping that pattern-language(ing) helps. - Living as well as possible the balance of a life, in a world that's burning. Grandiose? Realism, I think!

Contact: mikemh AT conviv DOT mayfirst DOT org Location: Sussex, England

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Blogging from April 2024 is in write.as. More info to follow.

Mike Hales biographical stuff.

Here is an assemblage of story-stuff around skill, both poetic and practical. These pieces engage skill as being at the heart of living life well and, especially, laying down for future others a legacy of-and-for good life and wellbeing. The life we're engaging here is an activist life, of making a Living Economy. This is a work about (and from) skill as foundation, as outcome, as intention.

This site holds a draft article 'in conversation with' Robin Murray, and a review of related constructs and projects, including a Trellis Foundation project for 'a college of conviviality'. It amounts to an exploration of **the practice of theory**.

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