What goes on

Here I present some indications of what I'm up to and have done at other times.

Work under way can be seen in these wikis below, in various stages of disarray and incompeteness. They open in a fresh tab . .

These include . . - biography - back-catalogue published books, published articles - journal reflections and arbitrary found odds & ends - working notes - on a whole bunch of stuff - blogging - just occasionally

# Wikis by this writer . . **Mike Hales wikis** - Personal material and basic resources [bft.wiki.cafe](bft.wiki.cafe) [mhresources.wiki.cafe](mhresources.wiki.cafe) [patternresources.wiki.cafe](patternresources.wiki.cafe)

Main **current work** (2021) . . - Developing `commons.hour` at meet.coop. A venue for multistakeholder stewarding of that digital infrastructure coop. Not presented in a wiki yet. But A draft handbook might be mirrored here: [http://handbooktrial.federated.wiki](http://handbooktrial.federated.wiki)

Less urgent, more long-term . . - A college of conviviality, in response to the work and vision of economist Robin Murray [From economics to organising](http://e2o.federated.wiki) - A pattern language of activist life - the foundation of the college's architecture [foprop pattern language](mh.patterns.federated.wiki) - An assemblage of all below . . amounting to *Living thinkwork vol 2* [Paths of skill](http://skill.federated.wiki)

**foprop projects** - foprop = forces of production, relations of production. A basic frame - a 'weave' - for all the work here on pattern language of activist life, commoning and making the living economy [foprop.federated.wiki](http://foprop.federated.wiki) [1-economy.federated.wiki](http://1-economy.federated.wiki) [2-pattern.federated.wiki](http://2-pattern.federated.wiki) [lowimpactcommoning.federated.wiki](http://lowimpactcommoning.federated.wiki) [3-platforming.federated.wiki](http://3-platforming.federated.wiki) [4-history.federated.wiki](http://4-history.federated.wiki) [5-walking.federated.wiki](http://5-walking.federated.wiki)

**Living economy, dual power** - the pivotal importance of 'the mutual sector' in economic transformation [foprop.federated.wiki](http://foprop.federated.wiki) [1-economy.federated.wiki](http://1-economy.federated.wiki) [mh-mutualsector.federated.wiki](http://mh-mutualsector.federated.wiki) [pivotal-mutual.federated.wiki](http://pivotal-mutual.federated.wiki) [dance.proto.institute](http://dance.proto.institute)

**Formacion, college of conviviality** - the making of the cultural and economic formations, which may be capable of making the living economy. This includes a college of conviviality, comprising a cluster of coops. Also includes the DisCO model of coop organisation [formaciontalk.federated.wiki](http://formaciontalk.federated.wiki) [conviv-cluster.federated.wiki](http://conviv-cluster.federated.wiki) [mhopen2020.federated.wiki](http://mhopen2020.federated.wiki) [mh.patterns.federated.wiki](http://mh.patterns.federated.wiki)

**Heart-mind, structures of feeling** - xxx [http://carework.federated.wiki] [http://skill.federated.wiki] [http://limitless.federated.wiki] [http://mhkeywords.federated.wiki]

**Platforming, infrastructuring, shared learning space, digital commons, toolstack** -infrastructuring for formacion. Including digital means - [An engine for commons production](http://engine.federated.wiki) - [Infrastructuring the living economy](http://infra.federated.wiki) - A dialogue between a 'Robinista' perspective on making the living economy, and the DisCO frame of coop governance - [Platform tools & making the living economy (Open2020)](http://mhopen2020.federated.wiki) - [Dancing the living economy](http://dance.proto.institute) - The centrality of 'dance' schemas in foprop

- [Shared leaning space - meet.coop community programme 2021](learnspace.federated.wiki) - [Digital infrastructure](digital-infrastr.federated.wiki) - Emergent digital infrastructure and its governance as a commons - [Learning space and toolstack](http://learnstack.federated.wiki) - [wiki for collaborators](http://viralwiki.federated.wiki) - Features that might make wiki viral, when the secret gets out

**Pattern language(ing)** - xxx [pattern resources](http://pattern.resources.federated.wiki) [Pattern language(ing) methodology](http://patternwork.federated.wiki dance.proto.institute) [Pattern language of activist life](http://mh.patterns.federated.wiki)

To expand your search neighnorhood, click on >> links below.. Mike Hales core wikis @ wiki.cafe - bft.wiki.cafe mhresources.wiki.cafe patternresources.wiki.cafe

The wikis below are mostly resources and examples . .

# Wikis mostly by others . . . **Pattern language** - the production and mobilising of pattern language is fundamental to all the above. Here are some models of pattern language, and some other resources [pattern.resources.federated.wiki](http://pattern.resources.federated.wiki) [garden.asia.wiki.org](http://garden.asia.wiki.org) [house.asia.wiki.org](http://house.asia.wiki.org) [makecommoningwork.federated.wiki](http://makecommoningwork.federated.wiki) [jon.federated.wiki](http://jon.federated.wiki) [npl.wiki](http://npl.wiki) [tree.tries.fed.wiki](http://tree.tries.fed.wiki)

**Facilitation, group practice** - facilitative practice is fundamental, and a deep skil. Here is a wiki [tree.tries.fed.wiki](http://tree.tries.fed.wiki)

**How-to wiki** - making things through collaboratively making wikis - the way to go [fed.wiki.org](http://fed.wiki.org) [fedwiki.org](http://fedwiki.org) [about.fed.wiki](http://about.fed.wiki) [hello.ward.bay.wiki.org](http://hello.ward.bay.wiki.org) [future.fedwiki.org](http://future.fedwiki.org) [code.fed.wiki](http://code.fed.wiki) [proto.institute](http://proto.institute)