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Wikis by this writer . . Personal material and basic resources []( []( [](

Current work (2024) - **the foprop weave** - Making a living economy


Precursors of foprop narrative . . - A college of conviviality, in response to the work and vision of economist Robin Murray [From economics to organising]( - A pattern language of activist life - the foundation of the college's architecture [foprop pattern language]( - An assemblage of all below . . amounting to *Living thinkwork vol 2* [Paths of skill](

**Preceding work** (2021-) . . - Developing `commons.hour` at A venue for multistakeholder stewarding of that digital infrastructure coop. Not presented in a wiki yet. But A draft handbook might be mirrored here: [](

- [Shared leaning space - community programme 2021]( - [Digital infrastructure]( - Emergent digital infrastructure and its governance as a commons - [Learning space and toolstack]( - [wiki for collaborators]( - Features that might make wiki viral, when the secret gets out

**foprop projects** - foprop = forces of production, relations of production. A basic frame - a 'weave' - for all the work here on pattern language of activist life, commoning and making the living economy []( []( []( []( []( []( [](

**Living economy, dual power** - the pivotal importance of 'the mutual sector' in economic transformation []( []( []( []( [](

**Formacion, college of conviviality** - the making of the cultural and economic formations, which may be capable of making the living economy. This includes a college of conviviality, comprising a cluster of coops. Also includes the DisCO model of coop organisation []( []( []( [](

**Heart-mind, structures of feeling** - xxx [] [] [] []

**Platforming, infrastructuring, shared learning space, digital commons, toolstack** -infrastructuring for formacion. Including digital means - [An engine for commons production]( - [Infrastructuring the living economy]( - A dialogue between a 'Robinista' perspective on making the living economy, and the DisCO frame of coop governance - [Platform tools & making the living economy (Open2020)]( - [Dancing the living economy]( - The centrality of 'dance' schemas in foprop

**Pattern language(ing)** - xxx [pattern resources]( [Pattern language(ing) methodology]( [Pattern language of activist life](